To whom is the service addressed?

The TRent portal is aimed exclusively at university students - or students-to-be - and at all property owners in the area.


slider Who can place property advertisements on the portal?

There are 4 different tenant profiles: private individuals; university students reseidences; property managers; intermediary services.


slider What is Opera's function?

Opera universitaria is the body that manages the portal, with the exclusive aim of putting students' demand into contact with the real estate supply in the area.

The economic negotiation linked to the actual rental of a property is unrelated to the purpose of the portal.

Any other responsibility linked to disputes, misunderstandings, or problems in the relationship between owner and tenant is excluded.


slider What does the OU symbol mean?

The OU symbol indicates that the flat has been inspected by staff from Opera, who have checked the actual existence of the property at the indicated address, the presence of the equipment indicated in the advertisement and its general condition.

The inspection of the property by the "Opera" team will be conducted only for the private category.


slider How can I contact an owner?

If you want to contact the landlord, you have to sign up on the site.


Once registered, when you will open the announcement of your interest the button "CONTACT THE LANDLORD" will appear. After clicking on the button, fill out the information request form.


slider How do I register?

Click on SIGN IN at the top right, than click on REGISTER.


You can register as a student or as an owner by filling in the required fields.

For students, registration is done by filling out the online form, accepting the terms of privacy, self-declaration of status as a student or prospective student and the document "Guidelines".

As far as small private owners are concerned, registration requires the completion of the online form, the acceptance of the privacy terms and of the document "Guidelines".

As far as professional operators are concerned, the registration requires the completion of the online form, the acceptance of the privacy terms and of the document "Guidelines".


slider Who should I contact for information?

For information on the functioning of the site and the loading of advertisements, you can contact:

Opera Universitaria;

the site contact person tel. (+39) 0461.217429;

the Opera switchboard tel. (+39) 0461.217411.


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