What is TRent

TRent is a virtual notice board created with the aim of simplifying the encounter between supply and demand for students looking for accommodation and property owners in Trentino.

With this new service we wish to facilitate a central but often critical step for students: the safe search for suitable accommodation to fully enjoy the university experience.

To whom it is addressed

The service is aimed exclusively at university students looking for accommodation and property owners in our area (small private owners, university colleges, property managers, brokers).

Opera intends to give the opportunity to use the portal both to students already enrolled in a degree course and to those not yet enrolled. When registering, everyone will be asked to sign a self-certification form declaring their status as a student or future student.

Opera Universitaria undertakes to monitor the correct use of the portal, through a sample check of the data entered during registration, as well as all the information that will be added.

Opera Universitaria also checks that the advertisement actually corresponds to a property located at the declared address and that it has the facilities described. This check will only be carried out on ads placed by private owners, who will then have the OU sticker.logo Ou


You can browse the available ads without registering.

You must register as a student to search for accommodation, contact an owner or review the property.

You need to register as an owner to upload your property, write reviews on student profiles and respond to comments about your property.



Through registration on the portal we give both students and owners the opportunity to post comments and reviews, with the aim of creating a community where the exchange of experiences and dialogue is facilitated.

The system will automatically and periodically send an email to all registered members to solicit reviews. In addition, it will be the responsibility of the owner to invite students to comment on their experience once the property is vacated.


Rules of conduct

Opera Universitaria is betting on the seriousness of those who will use this service, on the freedom of expression that cannot be separated from the sense of responsibility, on the total absence of any form of discrimination, on the truthfulness of the information that will be inserted.

Discriminatory posts that do not respect diversity are not allowed. All irrelevant information, offensive comments, false ads will be removed by the organisation.

All users are invited to report content that does not comply with these conditions.


Cost of the service

The advertisement consultation service is free of charge for the students.

The insertion of advertisements is free for small property owners and, for the first year of the project's experimentation, also for all other operators in the sector. Once the start-up and test phase of the project has been completed, the possibility of requesting a contribution from professional operators for the management and updating of the portal will be evaluated.

The economic and contractual conditions of the actual rental of a property are reported by the owner in the announcement, who commits himself to transparency.

The economic negotiation linked to the actual rental of a property is unrelated to the purposes of the portal, whose purpose is exclusively to establish contact between student and owner.